Carpeta The Voices of the Days

This section contains all of Luigino Bruni's editorials of the series entitled "The Voices of the Days" published in Avvenire from 28th February 2016


pdf 160619 Avvenire Counter Melody

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The Counter Melody of the Prophets

The Voices of the Days/15 - The ways of faithfulness to the word are mysterious and uncomfortable

Published in Avvenire on 19/06/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160612 Avvenire Shared Bread

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The Shared Bread of Tomorrow

The Voices of the Days/14 - We have to learn again about leaven sharing and dough making

Published in Avvenire on 12/06/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160605_Avvenire_Give Spirit

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To give some spirit to the world 

The Voices of the Days/13 - What really matters is to keep walking, until the
very end

Published in Avvenire on 05/06/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160529_Avvenire_Paradox of Faitfulness

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The Paradox of Faithfulness

The Voices of the Days/12 - The most faded life stops at its projects of youth

Published in Avvenire on 29/05/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160522_Avvenire_Double Miracle

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The Double Miracle of Bread

The Voices of the Days/11 - Daily work is the leaven of any career or vocation

Published in Avvenire on 22/05/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160515_Avvenire_Good Pains

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The good pains of adult life

The Voices of the Days/10 - No roof is high enough if it does not touch the sky  

Published in Avvenire on 15/05/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160508_Avvenire_Beauty

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The Beauty in Front of Us

The Voices of the Days/9 - The temptation to "conform" and the antidote of "haecceity"

Published in Avvenire on 08/05/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160424_Avvenire_The Risk of Generating Freedom

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The Risk of Generating Freedom

The Voices of the Days/8 - Those who give birth for real are generously vulnerable

Published in Avvenire on 24/04/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160417_Avvenire_Illness of Light

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The illness of light is deadly

The Voices of the Days/7 - The seductive, crossless gospels of the false reformers

Published in Avvenire on 17/04/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160410_Avvenire_Light Again

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When there's light again

The Voices of the Days/6 - To see even in darkness, beyond fake brightness

Published in Avvenire on 11/04/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160403_Avvenire_No Armour

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No armour is the way to rise again

The Voices of the Days/5 - The work of a reformer is a humble and miraculous craft

Published in Avvenire on 03/04/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160320_Avvenire_Leaving the House

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Leaving the House to Attain Wealth

The Voices of the Days/4 - Once out of the "houses", taking up different angles, you can see and grow

Published in Avvenire on 20/03/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160313_Avvenire_Betraying the Ideal

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Betraying the Ideal

The Voices of the Days/3 - Charismas are the founding force of vulnerable but re-generable communities

Published in Avvenire on 13/03/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160306_Avvenire_Era of the Spider Web

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In the Era of the Spider Web

The Voices of the Days/2 - The miracle of the tree and the scion: defying death

Published in Avvenire on 06/03/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni