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 This section contains all of Luigino Bruni's editorials of the series entitled "Naked Questions" published in Avvenire from 1st November 2015


pdf 160221_Avvenire_The Beauty of the End

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The Beauty of the End

Naked Questions/16 - After all, what matters in life is its end, not business

Published in Avvenire on 21/02/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160214_Avvenire_Bread Given as Gift

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The civilisation of the bread given as gift

Naked Questions/15 - Living and giving with gratuitousness and gratitude Nothing is wasted this way

Published in Avvenire on 14/02/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160207_Avvenire_Freedom of the Cloak

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The Essential Freedom of the Cloak

Naked Questions/14 - Understanding the snare of the "dead flies" and the gift of the "prophets"

Published in Avvenire on 07/02/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160131_Avvenire_Merits Basic Wastes

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Merit's Basic Wastes

Naked Questions/13 - Fighting the devaluation of non-economic virtues

Published in Avvenire on 31/01/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160124_Avvenire_Wise Is the One

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Wise is the one who does not make himself god

Naked Questions/12 - We need a double gratuitousness: both in giving and receiving

Published in Avvenire on 24/01/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160117_Avvenire_Bless the Great Disappointment

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Bless the great disappointment

Naked Questions/11 - Bitter truth is better than sweet self-deceit

Published in Avvenire on 17/01/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160110_Avvenire_The Pyramid of Victims

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The Pyramid of Victims

Naked Questions/10 - Accumulating goods is not bliss, happiness lies in work

Published in Avvenire on 10/01/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160103_Avvenire_Faith Is Not a Market

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Faith is not a market

Naked Questions/9 - The horizon of gratuitousness - for God not to be reduced into a fetish

Published in Avvenire on 03/01/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151227_Avvenire_Better Two

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Better two than just one

Naked Questions/8 - Life lived in isolation and its salt (and salary) are savourless 

Published in Avvenire on 27/12/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151220_Avvenire_The Fatigue of Waiting

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The Fatigue of Waiting Is a Living Thing

Naked Questions/7 - the Consoler comes in the heart of the night of suffering

Published in Avvenire on 20/12/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151213_Avvenire_How to Defeat Death

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How to Defeat Death

Naked Questions/6 - Joy should be learnt (and re-learnt) by living the life we have

Published in Avvenire on 13/12/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151206_Avvenire_Pointing at a Sky Without Idols

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Pointing at a Sky without Idols

Naked Questions/5 - the passion of telling about heaven to those who cannot see it anymore

Published in Avvenire on 06/16/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151129_Avvenire_The Sadness of the Second Happiness

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The Sadness of the Second Happiness

Naked Questions/4 - the importance of seeing and considering the entire human condition

Published in Avvenire on 29/11/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151122_Avvenire_Infinite Wisdom

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The Infinite Wisdom of the Limit

Naked Questions/3 - Beyond the vertigo of the Apocalypse and the artificial paradises

Published in Avvenire on 22/11/2015

Written by Luigino

pdf 151108_Avvenire_Infinite Abel_Bruni-1

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Everything is an Infinite Abel

Naked Questions/2 - Vanity in Hebrew is "habel", breath. That's what we are.

Published in Avvenire on 08/11/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151101_Avvenire_In Search of Those Who Seek the Truth

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In search of those who seek the truth

Naked Questions/1 A biblical book in which finally there is a place for anyone

Published in Avvenire on 01/11/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni